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Crumb Rubber
Tire Collection
  • Scrap Tire Hauler in MI, IN, IL, OH & WI
  • Scrap Tire Processor
  • Crumb Rubber Producer
  • Scrap Tire Sales (Pass, Semi & OTR)
  • We buy Butyl Inner Tubes


DeerPath Recyclers, located in Dowagiac, MI, specializes in collecting scrap passenger, semi, tractor and OTR tires.  We then process them in our facility and turn them in to various size nuggets and finer crumb rubber.  The applications for our material are many, including:

  • Industrial Markets (Automotive Parts, Molded Goods, New Tires, Extruded Parts, Mats,     Roofing)
  • Athletic Surfacing  (Tennis Courts, Running Tracks, Playgrounds and Walking paths (Poured in   Place or Loose Fill), Fields and Soil Enhancement)
  • Rubberized Asphalt
  • Equestrian Footing
  • Landscaping & Playground Mulch
  • Civil Engineering

    We invite you to take a look around, and if we can help you with properly disposing of your scrap tires, or if you are in the market for high-quality crumb rubber, please give us a call.

    DeerPath Recyclers
    56625 Wood House Dr
    Dowagiac, MI  49047
    Phone: 269-782-7232