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Crumb Rubber
Tire Collection


Crumb Rubber 

Crumb Rubber can be used in a number of Industrial & Commercial applications.  It's cost-effectiveness makes it a great alternative to virgin compounds.  Companies that utilize Crumb Rubber expect the following from their suppliers:

  • Quality - The material must be of a high quality.  You can make Crumb Rubber from many different types of tires, & most are made from different compounds.  In many cases, a customer may need a specific material; passenger tire, which can contain fiber, or all-black material, which is usually made from semi-tires. All contaminants should be removed, including, steel, fiber, stones, dirt and non-ferrous metals.  
  • Consistency - The customer should receive the same material whether they order it in January or July.   There are many different ways to process tires to make Crumb Rubber, and it's paramount that the system used is capable of replicating itself every time.  This is accomplished by utilizing Standard Operating Procedures, including sieve testing.
  • Customer Service - Some customers know what they want when they call, others rely on the suppliers expertise to help them determine the correct product for their application. It's important for the supplier to listen to what the customer is saying & then work together to develop a product that will work, be delivered on-time, all at a fair price. 
8-14 All-Black
10-20 All-Black

Give us a call today to discuss your needs.  Whether you need a truckload a year or three truckloads a week, we will work hard to earn your business and even harder to maintain it. 

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